Our Story

“ The story behind Jod-Z, a dream inspired by my Mother, for my Daughter”

Alanna’s grandmother Deirdre was a free spirited freelancer in the world of design. She had the amazing ability to create something beautiful from nothing; no pattern or drawings, just hard work. Sewing all night, charging little money, just for the love of seeing her designs being worn. Watching her work, seeing her creations come to life, doing any little thing I could do to help; some of my fondest childhood memories.

As a young mum at 20 and losing my mother at 23, life was far from plain sailing, at times I felt very lost and confused about which road to take in life. Often we feel like we have to force ourselves to survive sometimes even when our emotions are fighting against us. Trust me when you think you can’t, YOU CAN! You can be at your strongest when you think you are at your weakest.

I live, eat, sleep and breathe Jod-Z now and am so proud of the successful brand it is becoming. This success has not come easily or overnight, nor is it because I am amazingly talented at business. Thinking about my Mum, her wonderful talent and how she never got the opportunity to create a career or business for herself has inspired me to work hard to get every aspect of the design and manufacture exactly as it should be. Remembering her, honouring her memory and looking towards my daughter’s future keeps me focused and determined to make Jod-Z a true international brand.

I feel very lucky to share my passion for horses and riding with Alanna as my mum Deirdre shared her passion for sewing and design with me.

Inspired by love, designed by riders for riders.
Lots of love